Our Mission

  • Conduct high quality education and training programs related to Information Assurance
  • Carry out basic and applied research in support of both public and private sector applications
  • Foster a common understanding of the field, based on accepted national standards

The goals of this CISSE Chapter are to: 

  • Provide leadership in Information Assurance education for government, education, business and industrial organizations
  • Provide a forum to promote Information Assurance education
  • Develop a process of continuous curriculum revision and enhancement based on standards issued by the Committee of National Security Systems or other recognized national or international standards bodies

  • Grow the Coalition by including additional institutions, business, industry and governmental agencies who have met the conditions and requirements of these standards

Business Partners

About Us

We're a group of 18 academic institutions with various backgrounds of expertise. We're here to help other academic, business and governmental agencies secure the nations infrastructure. 

Here at Midwest CISSE Chapter we understand that using standards as a baseline for security education is a large undertaking. But, rest assured we've helped schools with all types of backgrounds successfully and happily map their programs and enhance the learning experience for their students.  We want to help you, help your students  find amazing careers in this growing field of Cybersecurity!